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Making decisions about your loved one’s care can be difficult. Care-taking arrangements can be overwhelming. Disagreements and resentment can occur over your loved one’s best interests. Frustration and hard feelings among siblings and family members can result. At a time when families need to work together, these situations frequently tear families apart. Rather than an adversarial, court-appointed guardian to make decisions for you and your family, an alternative is mediation.

Mediation enables families to make their own decisions about decision making authority, care-taking responsibilities, power of attorney and health care proxy arrangements, housing and transportation arrangements, visitation and holiday schedules. ACCORD’s exclusive Golden Pathways Plan™ uses mediation to provide a plan for families and their aging loved ones when faced with a major life transition.

        The process encourages research and the collection of facts, information and resources
        Each participant presents their point of view
        Advantages and disadvantages are considered
        Final decisions are negotiated and a written caring plan is then implemented.


Probate is a legal process during which a will is validated, the assets of the deceased are inventoried, and all debts, creditor claims (including applicable lawsuits) and taxes are paid. Then, once it is determined who is entitled by the probate proceedings, the remaining assets that are left in the will are distributed to the named beneficiaries and heirs.

The probate process is generally overseen by an executor, if there is a will, or by a court, and a court appointed personal representative, if there is no will. Probate can take anywhere from four months to a number of years to be completed, depending on the circumstances.

Mediation can help families avoid the delays and frustration associated with probate, by working with ACCORD’s network of financial planners and estate attorneys. Our exclusive Golden Pathways Plan™ uses mediation to help provide you and your family direction and a plan.


It is often difficult for families to discuss or agree upon important issues that involve their aging loved ones. Parents can be reluctant to discuss their private or financial matters with their children. Similarly, adult siblings frequently disagree about their aging parents’ needs and how best to address them. Mediation can be a process for families to find solutions to all types of issues.


When facing a major life transition, seniors and their families often do not know where to begin with regards to housing, finances, long-term care and estate planning. ACCORD’s exclusive Golden Pathways Plan uses the mediation process to help you and your family create a solution that eases stress and anxiety. Our comprehensive process will help you:

        Link with local resources, advocates and professionals
        Arrive at a pre-transitional care-taking plan
        Find effective ways to share care-taking responsibilities
        Manage bill paying and other financial matters
        Apply for Medicare, Medicaid and health insurance
        Research government-related entitlements
        Understand and implement gifting and estate planning
        Establish Wills, a Living Will and Health Care Proxy
        Arrange Power of Attorney and Trusts to avoid probate
        Consider long-term care insurance, life insurance
        Decide on housing arrangements
        Address safety and protection issues
        Determine appropriate health and wellness care
        Ensure quality of life

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