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Today's demanding lifestyles and complex culture causes incredible stress on you and others in your life. Misunderstandings and communication problems are common complaints among coworkers, friends, siblings and family members. Mediation can be a process of discovering realistic and long-lasting solutions to all types of issues, such as:


        Interpersonal conflicts
        Divorce | unmarried couples | p-arent child | teens and their peers | family Issues
        Communication difficulties about addiction | abusive behaviors
        Co-parenting issues, including blended families and step-parenting.

     •   Finances | money management problems
        Grandparents having authority to make parenting decisions
        Grandparents having visitation schedules.
        Children with special needs.
        Child behaviors | truancy and discipline.


At ACCORD Mediation Services, we are sensitive to the affects of emotional stress resulting from unresolved issues with others. That is why we make available to our clients ACCORD’s staff who are prepared to assist you. For the Christian, Catholic and faith-based communities, our network includes counselors who understand that dynamics of biblical and church teachings in relationships.

For divorce clients facing issues involving drugs, alcohol, addictions, depression and abuse, our network includes therapists who are certified to provide help. For our clients who have not yet retained legal counsel, but need legal advice, our network includes divorce lawyers who practice in various areas of law.

And, for clients who need financial guidance, our network includes divorce financial planners, tax professionals, credit counselors, insurance brokers, bankers and realtors to provide assistance and advice.

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When couples are facing a crossroad in their relationship, a number of emotions take over, such as:

       Anger | Panic | Revent | Betrayal | Pain | Injured Pride | Fear | Sadness | Numbness | Uncertainty


These emotions are normal. However, overwhelming emotions can impair your ability to communicate effectively. It can also impair your ability to make sound decisions that will affect the rest of your life. You can do something about it by using mediation. Different than counseling or therapy, mediation helps couples map out what they want in their relationship and put into action steps ways to reach their ultimate desires.


Sometimes married couples grow emotionally apart. The demands of a career, the responsibilities of parenting, or the pressure of making financial ends meet causes a spouse to become withdrawn, unhappy, depressed. Alcohol and drug use, overspending, or infidelity can be the result. A physical separation can be a possible solution for those couples who are facing a crossroad in their marriage. Since a filed separation agreement can be revoked in certain circumstances when couples reconcile, mediation can help couples, in the meantime, protect themselves legally and financially. Similar to divorce mediation, couples discuss how their children will be parented, how their finances will be addressed, and how their assets and debts will be distributed while each spouse is living separately and apart from one another.


The stress and confusion associated with the ending of a marriage can be overwhelming. All at once, there are many decisions to be made about your future. Divorce mediation is a more affordable and efficient alternative to a costly legal battle.

Read this article, Divorce: The First of Many Decisions by Carolyn Bryson.


Divorce mediation enables families to stay in control of the decision-making process regarding child custody, parenting and holiday schedules, parenting arrangements, child support, alimony, money management, finances, and the equitable distribution of marital property and debt division.     

• The mediation process encourages research and consultation with professionals      

• Individuals are better prepared to financially support themselves and their children after divorce        

• The process focuses on keeping what you have, rather than losing      

• A written agreement details the terms of the divorce that you decide in mediation.

If your matter involves a spouse who is in the military, is a self-employed business owner,or has pensions and/or retirement funds, ACCORD mediators are prepared to help you both address the uniqueness and complexities of these circumstances..


For family and divorce related matters, there are no retainer fees. Designed to be "pay as you go", our clients find our sliding scale rates to be very affordable, when compared with traditional, litigated divorces. Paid at the conclusion of each session, the hourly rate is divided in whatever manner clients decide in advance. Timelines vary from case to case. Please phone us for more information.


At the conclusion of the mediation process, clients will be provided with a document referred to as a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The MOU will include decisions that you made about matters concerning:  

       Real estate, retirement and other property division
       Debt division, budget, health insurance, income tax, and life insurance
       Child custody, residency and parent decision-making arrangements
       Parenting schedule and holiday arrangements
       Child Support, financial arrangements for college, extra-curricular activities, and the like.
       Spousal Maintenance (alimony)


A postnuptial agreement is a legally binding contract between spouses in the event of death or divorce. For spouses who have received an inheritance or gift, or simply prefer to protect assets and income, mediation affords couples an opportunity to capture their intentions in writing and in the form of a legally binding contract.


Before "tying the knot", mediation is an option for any party who wants to avoid the risk of a major loss of assets, income, or a family business in the event of a separation or divorce. People marrying for a second or third time also might desire to make sure that certain assets or personal belongings are passed on to the children or grandchildren of prior marriages rather than to a current spouse.


Unmarried couples do not have the same protection under New York State Domestic Relations Law as do married couples. When purchasing real estate, opening joint bank accounts or credit cards, unmarried couples face considerable risk in the event of a relationship break-up. Mediation is an ideal way for unmarried couples to have discussions and reach agreements about protecting their interests in the event that their relationship ends.


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Our offices in Rochester NY ( Monroe County ), Canandaigua NY( Ontario County) and Saranac Lake NY ( Franklin and Essex Counties ), New York provide mediation services for divorce, marital separation, child custody and visitation, elder care, military divorce, business contract breach and home construction disputes. Our offices serve communities such as Rochester, Syracuse, Albany, Geneva, Avon, Geneseo, Penn Yan, Plattsburgh, Malone, Lake George,Glens Falls, Elizabethtown, Cananaigua, NY

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