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In this highly competitive environment, insurance companies are facing incredible pressure to keep premium rates down.  Consumers and businesses expect reasonable rates and to have their claims processed quickly.  For both sides costs rapidly escalate when issues arise over claims and counter-claims.  Delays and costs of a legal battle can easily get out of hand.

At ACCORD, we are prepared to respond immediately when claims adjusters and clients are motivated to negotiate a settlement.  Whether through mediation or arbitration, our services are local, convenient and affordable when compared to the alternative of a costly legal battle.


There is increasing sensitivity about the correlation between environmental pollution and the quality of human health. We learn about the growing number of existing and pending legislation that hold corporations accountable for the disposal and handling of toxic waste. We experience growing concern by communities and local governments about environment, land-use, zoning, toxic waste clean up, and agricultural issues. Costs associated with cleaning a land site are enormous. In the end, everyone pays a considerable price.

An alternative to costly and lengthy litigation, environmental mediation is an effective means of facilitating group discussions and debates about options and discovering what is in the best interest of those who are affected by this contemporary issue. Mediation and arbitration are also expeditious and confidential processes for those interested in negotiating settlements that are not usually released to the general public. In addition, our professional network includes experts and consultants who can provide guidance and support during the mediation process.


More federal, state and local government agencies are embracing alternative dispute resolution (ADR) as the preferred method of conflict resolution over costly litigation. This is evident in their grievance policies and procedures manuals, as well as contractual agreements with vendors. Contractual agreements that include ADR clauses stipulating either mediation or arbitration as the means to resolve contract disputes out-of-court, or misinterpretations of contractual terms, are very common. Arbitration is especially useful in cases involving home improvement contractors and new home construction.

Mediation and arbitration provide individuals, businesses, organizations and governments an alternative to resolving contract disputes affordably, efficiently, and expeditiously.


Many times property damage claim amounts are too high for resolution through small claims court, and too low to justify the cost of litigation. An alternative is mediation or arbitration. Mediation is useful when parties are likely to continue a relationship with one another; parties negotiate their own settlement that addresses the needs of both sides. Arbitration, on the other hand, is useful when parties are contentious or when their future relationship is not an important consideration. Through arbitration, each party presents their case to the arbitrator or panel who then makes a decision for the parties.

Mediation or arbitration services are a viable option for home construction disputes, home improvement disputes and disputes regarding workmanship.


When disputes arise during union contract negotiations over pay raises, health insurance benefits and retirement plans, costs associated with the dispute are enormous, both to the employer and to the employees (and the families they support). Timeliness is essential; mediation and arbitration address this need. ACCORD is prepared to respond immediately when unresolved disputes mean lost wages, lost revenues, lost productivity.

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Our offices in Canandaigua ( Ontario County ), Saranac lake (Franklin and Essex Counties), New York provide mediation services for divorce, marital separation, child custody and visitation, elder care, military divorce, insurance claims, victim-offender, business contract breach and home construction disputes.

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